Saturday, February 18, 2017

Handicap Service Provider for 2017

Dear JustGolfers,

I will start e-mailing membership information mid-March. In the meantime, before you purchase a handicap for 2017, please consider the following before you choose your handicap service provider this season.

Players are entitled to review their fellow competitors’ handicaps and scoring records. This is known as “peer review.”

Everyone is able to easily access your handicap record if you subscribe to the GHIN handicap service.

If you subscribe to a handicap service other than GHIN, fellow competitors who do not know the name of your service provider cannot access your scoring and handicap records. Since they are entitled to view that information, I will supply the name of the handicap service of any player who does not subscribe to GHIN to any competitor who would like to view that player’s records.

If your scoring and handicap records are password protected, you should find a different handicap service that allows free access to these records. Examples of handicap services that do allow free access are: GHIN, Golf Services Group, and Golf Handicap Network.