Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Shore Gate Better Ball Application

Shore Gate Men’s Better Ball / Women’s Better Ball – Wednesday, May 17
(Please sign up early if you don’t have a partner. I will keep you posted on my efforts to find one for you.)

Player: __________________________        Partner: ___________________________
Home course: ____________________         Home course: ______________________
Approximate Handicap: ___                          Approximate Handicap: ___ . __

Tee times start at 10. Circle preferred time:    Early          Late

Choose the STANDARD tees (White: 71/137; 6391 yards) to compete for both gross and net prizes.
Choose the SENIOR tees (Gold: 69/131; 5940 yards) to compete for net prizes ONLY. Handicap reduction approximately 3 strokes.
The yardage will be significantly longer than last year’s tournament. It is strongly recommended that men who cannot hit a drive at least 200 yards choose the SENIOR tees. 

Name: _______________________   STANDARD              SENIOR          (circle choice)

Name: _______________________   STANDARD              SENIOR          (circle choice)

Total cost: $62 per player. Please mail one check for $124 ($62 if you sign up without a partner), together with this application, payable to:

     Linda Miller
     48 Cherry Street
     Mount Holly, NJ 08060

If you mail your membership application with your tournament application, YOU MUST WRITE TWO CHECKS – one for the tournament, the other for the membership fee ($15).

Direct any questions to Linda:
     Home phone: 609-267-8630
     Cell phone: 609-784-2550

Last date to mail application: May 3

Additional tournament information
• 90% of Course Handicap for men; 95% for women.
• Maximum number of strokes: 18 for men, 24 for women.
• Practice range, bunker, and putting green.

Special considerations (traveling with someone, etc.)