Saturday, August 12, 2017

Linwood Handicap Changes

For the Linwood tournament, players’ handicap strokes will not be limited to 18 (men) or 24 (women). When I calculate everyone’s tournament handicap for the net better ball competition, I will begin with your actual Course Handicap. For example, if you are a female golfer with a 25.6 Handicap Index, your Course Handicap at Linwood would be 26. I will not drop that number to 24 before I start calculating your tournament handicap. The same goes for a male with a Handicap Index, for example, of 19.4, who would have a Course Handicap of 22 from the White tees, or 21 from the Silver tees.

For those of you who missed the fine print on the tournament application, please be aware that you are not eligible to become the JustGolf Champion if you have not played in at least one JustGolf tournament in 2017. This rule is #14 on the 2017 Tournament Policies.